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People discuss fashion all the time, and their views of fashions are different. It seems that until a fashion show ends, we know what the fashion is at present. Actually different fashion shows have different fashion styles, but from the trends of last year, we can forecast the trends of 2011.

Many times it is a commonly observed fact that men seem to be confused with their options for the summer wear. This is due to excessive sweating in summers, it becomes that more difficult to choose clothing for summers which is comfortable and trendy at the same time. Not only that but a change in any season due to change in the temperature necessitates a need to change your wardrobe. Now, if that really is your concern then fortunately it is the end of your woes.

Silk has a widely application in a clothing industry such as formal dresses, Fashion handbags for women, bathrobes, pajamas, scarves, cufflinks, and underwear. It is a perfect all season fabric. In summer silk makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather because of its good absorbency for moisture and its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during winter season. Also the silk fabric can be transformed with a cashmere-like soft touch through napping so it brings warmer with this kind of silk scarves and clothes. People love the shimmering appearance of silk but few know the reason. The shimmering comes from the fibers’ triangular prism-like structure which allows incoming light to refract at different angles.

If you prefer to wear traditional muslim clothing then you can chose to wear long abayas (long kaftan like dresses), which originate from the arab countries. There are so many designs to choose from. From the classic black and trendy urban styles to more western styles. You can even get designer ones; or you might like to wear the traditional shalwar kameez (loose tunic and trouser), which originates from India/Pakistan. You are spoilt for choice. So much to choose from!

The most important for a woman is a little black dress. This is what every woman must have. It is fun, stylish, sexy and playful. This can be worn in the evening casually when you accessorise it appropriately. It can also be worn formally, provided you dress it correctly. It makes you look and feel young, and is something every girl delights in.

The final phase of image construction: fashion honesty. This is the stage where you can make sound fashion decisions most of the time. Trust me no one makes the right fashion decisions all of the time. That’s not the way creative endeavors work. Flair is born from making bold, daring moves that sometimes fall short. It’s also important to remember that these are all guidelines – not rules – so have fun and don’t pressure yourself.

Letting go of your size 6 dresses, your old heels, or your ski clothes means recognizing a meaningful change in your life. Those changes can be painful. Letting yourself feel any anger, sadness or regret that goes with them will help you get ready for your next adventure: living your life in the here and now.

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