Magic Wallets – The Slim Wallet Choice

Many people are realizing they don’t need to carry so many things in their wallets. There are times when all you really need are the essentials and it can be an inconvenience to have to carry a large purse or have a fat wallet sticking out of your back pocket. When you think about it all a person really needs to carry is their identification, a couple of cards, and their cash, exactly what a slim wallet is made for.

A slim wallet for men is often referred to as a money clip although there are some differences in style and function they all serve the same purpose; to only carry what you need.

If you have a dad that works with the public or with other co workers slip a couple packs of gum or a tin of breath mints into his stocking to keep his breath fresh all day long.

Punch a hole in the corner of each of your rewards card and gather them together with a carabiner. Keep them at home near your front door and take only the ones you need when you leave.

Next onto Lindsay Lohan. Oh, poor Lindsay. Now, you’ll note her mother is hovering in the background of this picture, the archetypal momager that she is. Personally I think most of Lindsay’s issues lay squarely on Dina’s shoulders. All Dina cared and continues to care about is being Lindsay’s best friend and party co-hort, she never gave Lindsay the tools necessary to be a normal adult, much less deal with all her crazy fame. Anyway, back to fashion, if you can call that here.

Tri-fold wallets fold in thirds, so there are plenty of space for credit cards and name cards while leaving enough space notes or bills. The ample room in the wallet may also prompt the user to make use of them, thus putting more items in it and cause it to bulge. Depending on the man himself, this might not be ideal (since some men prefer to put their wallets in their back pockets).

Finally, for all you gentlemen out on the range, I think every man looks great in the right cowboy hat and you will find a fantastic selection at Ben Craft Hats. A nice fur felt hat with a slim leather band in all men need to perfect the classic cowboy look and paired with a new pair of dark jeans will look great on a breezy fall day.

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