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RSS developed to fill the need for a way to automate and simplify the delivery of information over the Internet, from web sites, blogs, and other sources that have relatively frequent updates. The original idea for RSS came from the old “tickertape” news services. If you have your own web site or blog, your web site promotion will benefit from using RSS. Simply put, the more frequently your blog or web site is updated, the more the benefit you will gain from RSS feeds to your site.

Now comes the time to think outside to box. What can you do which will make your resume and experience stand out from others competing for the open HR position?

I put updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my own blog. Social media is new to me, but I’ve heard using it is an easy way to publicize your book. I also put my book up as an e-book on Smashwords and Lebrary.

It establishes you as an authority. A good blog can make a career. Your blog should give your customers a reason to visit by offering content of value. Give them advice on choosing a service or product like yours; write reviews of other products in your industry; or explain the technology involved in your product in a way that your customers will understand. Lista med RSS are an excellent way for new businesses to establish credibility with customers.

Sign up for an Amazon affiliate account and review a book about your interest – include a link to the book on Amazon and you’ll get a commission every times someone buys it. There are affiliate accounts for just about every product you can think of – occasionally write a review or recommend a product – you’ll get a commission for every sale.

It Is Fast And Easy – Yes, since you’re selling other people’s products, and all you need to do is generate sales, the process for all this to happen can be fast. Let’s say you just joined an affiliate program, to make it faster, what you can do is register Google AdWords. And Google will advertise your website (your link, landing page) immediately. Then you can go to sleep, wake up the next morning and check for the sales result. Fast and easy. But of cause, said is easier than done. You will need to do research and understand how the system works, or else your money will lost in space. I just want to show you that if you know the strategy, it can be very fast to generate cash by using affiliate programs.

Next is to study the work experience requirements. If the job you are shooting for requires five years of relevant experience, how do you demonstrate that you have the required experience?

Personally I use SEnuke for my social and video submission work and then I use Unique Article Wizard to submit my articles to directories for me. What you choose to use is up to you, if you want to look at more info about what I use, I included links in the resource box below.

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