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Remember you don’t have to change you. Your body is wonderful just as it is. Loving yourself and others is more important than any diet plan. So if you join us on this challenge, your first strategy is to inhale love and exhale worry, fatigue, etc. 10 deep breaths activates relaxation and much more. The Eat Fat Lose Fat challenge information can be reached at the link.

Moisturize the skin on your face. Even if you have buy coconut oil or greasy skin, you should make sure you use a moisturizer on our face. During the day, make sure that your moisturizer contains an SPF rating.

People who have used coconut oil to treat acne have reported that their cystic acne boils have nearly all stopped or hardly form and that the duration of their pimples lasts only about a day or two.They also report far fewer outbreaks happening at all. This is great news for those who know the struggles that come with problem acne.

And the fats that fall in the healthy category are going to be all your nuts and seeds, nut butters, avocados, olive oil, organic meats and eggs, coconuts and buy coconut oil.

Moisturize the natural way. Some swear by using extra virgin olive oil or buy conditioners to keep their skin well hydrated especially during the colder months.

The banana too is one of the staple flora of the tropics. Not only is it a tasty snack but is also one of nature’s cosmetics. Try making a facial pack with mashed banana and almond or olive oil. Your face will thank you. And this delicious fruit is packed with vital nutrients. The banana contains five times the vitamin A and iron and twice the quantity of most other vitamins and minerals. So enjoy a banana and let those anti-oxidants work their magic.

In the 1980s there was a theory that we could eat all the carbs we wanted and that these would not be stored as fat. Fat on the body came mostly from fat in the diet, the theory went. And there were studies to prove this theory, of course. So the idea was to eat as little fat as possible. While there is some truth to that, in that fat in the diet can more easily be stored as body fat, those who adhered to this theory went overboard in under eating essential fatty acids. They suffered from depression, fatigue, PMS, and all sorts of maladies. Put simply, your body needs fat. Next to water and oxygen, fat is the most important component of the body.

These simple ideas can help you start looking your best. After implementing these ideas, you will be one step closer to becoming your own beauty expert.

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