Reasons Why You Should Have Your New Home Inspected

New homeowners may not know exactly what to look for during a home inspection. Curb appeal is more important than you might guess. Landscaping can make a huge difference in the value of a home. There are codes for everything, including sidewalks, driveways and poured concrete surfaces outside your home. Here’s what your home inspector should be looking for when inspecting poured concrete patios, sidewalks and driveways.

There are many inspections that buyers can request. The most important is having the home go through a complete home inspection Dallas by a professional. This is usually as simple as a check in a box. Make sure that the box is checked. And if you are requesting a pest, termite or environmental inspection, make sure that you include it in the contract. Or you will probably be out of luck.

If your buying the house what are the things you are going to want done right away or even before you move in. These are things you can prevent the buyer from having to do and if he has to do them, the price they offer will be lower.

Are plugs in the kitchen, bathroom and other key areas GFCI circuits? That is, are they ground fault circuit interrupters that will shut down when there’s a surge in current. Do appliances work properly? While checking this may not be a state or local requirement, it’s worth looking into.

COLUMNS and RAILS — Wooden columns and railing provide not only ornamentation but also support and can grow loose, creating a hazard. Check for loose rails or unsafe posts and columns.

Sometimes all is needed is cleaning the carpet, painting the walls and removing any wallpaper. If this is your plan, then stick to the neutrals. Whites, grays and beiges not only make a home look cleaner and more spacious; they actually bring in more light and will blend in with your prospective buyers’ color scheme. There are lots of plusses for neutrals.

Finally, as you know, buyers are scarce. They know there are numerous properties for sale. It is a buyers market. The final agreed dollar amount for the property will be closer to your asking price because you will have done the hard work…Just the facts.

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Reasons Why You Should Have Your New Home Inspected

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