Valentine’s Day Ideas – Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a special day celebrated in memory of St. Valentine. This is the day for people to express their love for each other. This day holds a special significance for lovers. Boys eagerly wait for this day to wish their girlfriends ‘Happy Valentines Day’. Girls expect some nice gift from their boyfriends. This day can also be celebrated as ‘proposal day’ because most of the young boys and girls wait for valentines day to propose each other.

This one reads “just stopping by to say valentines day quotes!” The first five words are positioned above the valentines day quotes for her phrase. They are in a slightly smaller font size and in the color of red. The valentines day quotes phrase is purple. The words are outlined in pink.

Add a little cranberry juice or red food colouring to your children’s apple juice and drop in some ice cubes made of the same liquid. Toss a few cinnamon hearts into each ice cube section before you put the mixture into the freezer. Or simply add a few cinnamon hearts to a bowl of apple sauce.

On the front of the card you will need 4 small hearts to place in the corners. You can cut them out of either construction paper or cardstock. Once you cut them out, glue them to each of the Four Corners. If you have any small heart stickers you could choose to use them instead.

So at the time I was living with a woman who I was very much in love with and who happened to snore like a buzz saw, too. I got creative and recorded a bit of her own buzz sawing and looped it and added it to my custom recording for this older gentleman.

Take a good look in the mirror – It’s time to take an honest look at what you did for your wife on Valentines Day and determine what you could have done. If this was your first Valentines Day together what would you have done? Would you have gone all out as you were trying to win her heart and hand in marriage? Be honest and admit to yourself if there was more you should have done to show her how much you appreciate and love her.

Jensen Ackles is one of the stars of the CW hit “Supernatural” and has done other television such as “Days of our Lives,” “Dark Angel,” and “Smallville.” He has appeared in movies also; “My Bloody Valentine 3-D” and “Ten Inch Hero” as well as others. My not-creepy-at-all obsession is with his character on “Supernatural,” the evil-hunting Dean Winchester.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words- If you have not taken a picture together already, go ahead and take one before Valentines Day. Wal-Mart ,Target, or a local drug store has a photo printer near the photo center of the store and you can print out a copy of the picture for less than $2.00. Then, find either a valentine themed picture frame or a simple elegant one that suits her taste and put the picture into the frame. Then all you have to do is wrap it and this will definitely melt her heart.Price for the picture worth a thousand words, $5-$15.

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