What You Must Know If Looking At Booking A Live Band For Your Wedding

Greensboro, NC has lots of live music; you just have to know where to look. One thing to check out if you’re wanting to see some live music is one of the free local weeklies around town, such as Yes! Weekly or Go Triad. Both of these have a section devoted to music at bars, clubs, restaurants, and other venues in and around Greensboro. Otherwise, check out this detailed list of places to go see live bands, whether local or well known.

Examiner: When does the Zoso cruise start? How much does it cost? Where does it stop in the Caribbean? What songs will you be performing? How did the cruise come together?

The nature of your gathering could be varied. It could range from weddings to anniversaries, birthdays to reunions and from corporate parties to farewells. A live band will most definitely strengthen your party’s bid at being a success.

Small children were kept entertained by going to the petting zoo or taking a pony ride. Older kids could be found in the bounce castle or on the bungee ride.

Although the first music festival on May 2, 2009, a tribute to John Denver by Friends With You was rained out. This first of six outdoors music festivals will all feature eighties band. The theme is “A Tribute to Tributes,” and the six bands will perform on their respective Saturday’s from May to October 2009.

Toology’s Tool tribute show got their start in Houston, Texas. They have been performing since 2005. Check out the band in action in the nearby video box.

Detroit needs to remember to keep doing what it used to do best – innovating. This is what has made the city famous, culturally relevant and more importantly strong in nature. This is what is so exciting about living in Metro Detroit especially now during this time of economic turmoil. This entire region is about to burst with creativity. If you look closely, it is already happening.

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What You Must Know If Looking At Booking A Live Band For Your Wedding

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