Earning Extra Money At Home In Your Spare Time

You could also buy a website from eBay, make somebody create it for you or purchase one from an IM forum and then turn it around and sell it to somebody else. This is the magic of this business; you can outsource almost all the work and reap the profits just by doing a little bit of work.

However, that’s not to say free WordPress themes are not worth using. I didn’t test every free theme available so I can’t say there isn’t a perfect free theme for your website.

Register a domain name – You need to register a domain name under GDI using your own up line who signed you with GDI. You need to pay $10 per month for the web domain and web hosting package. Without an up line or person who referred you, you will not be able to register a domain name. However, they can randomly sign you up for a different up line. That is just one big negative draw back for GDI.

But local marketing is not too saturated yet. It is not some super-easy thing that a monkey could do, as many people might tell you. But I do believe it is easier than affiliate marketing. If you have done any kind of internet marketing- writing blog posts, setting up WordPress bloggen sites, or anything else then I think you should be able to help local businesses.

19.Go ahead and try to start your own article directory, but you better do something to make it unique and beneficial to the article submitter. Whats going to make an individual submit to your article directory as opposed to ones that they are accustom to submitting to and “plus” get results with. The good news is most of the other article directories are doing pretty much the same exact thing that everyone else is doing you WordPress blogs just have to be that much different and find your unique positioning.

Of course, you can change the date to become tomorrow, next month, next year or whatever and schedule as many blog posts as you want in advance. What I like to do is schedule at least one blog post per month, ahead of time. That way I know that for the next six months, I will at least have one new blog post every month without me having to do anything.

26.Sell tools and useful items to myspace users like templates, layouts, and backgrounds. Too many marketers try to spam this service which is against their tos, so just build real friends and sell them cheap items that they can use on myspace, easy money! Make money on myspace by selling users things that they can use while they are on myspace.

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Earning Extra Money At Home In Your Spare Time

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