Expect The Unexpected – Basic Wilderness Survival

Are you a survivor? Just for fun, let’s use the “getting on an airplane” test to find out. When you get on an airplane, do you assume that everything will be OK or immediately pray that the plane and pilot remain intact for the entire fight? If you are like me, you get on the plane and immediately look around to see who you are going to eat if that sucker crashes and, you are probably a survivor. Hey, I don’t care if the plane crashes in a Wendy’s parking lot – if you survive a plane crash, you are entitled to eat at least one person and that’s what I intend to do.

Understanding the difference between speculating and investing is simple once you focus on the difference between two words in the definitions of these concepts. The key word in the definition of speculation is hope. The key word in the definition of invest is earn.

Building a fire may sound basic but it’s different for wilderness survival. Find a safe place to build your fireplace and gather the supplies necessary. You’ll need tinder to start and other materials to get it growing. Start gradually with smaller pieces of wood and build to larger pieces as the fire takes hold. An area that is protected from the wind and one that is free of debris that would feed the fire are also necessary.

Rather than the lost ways review being risk takers most of us have gotten into the habit of putting in eight hours a day working for someone else. At the end of the week, we cash our paycheck and do it all over again. It’s called the rat race.

Tulips were introduced in the Netherlands in 1593. In 1636, trading in tulips rapidly increased, and more and more people started speculating. Bulbs of one or two guilders could be worth a hundred a few months later. Fortunes were being made, and people from all walks of life who knew nothing of tulips became swept up in the gamble. “Tulipomania” was in full bloom. In 1637, prices spiraled to a ridiculous level. The market finally collapsed in 1637, leaving many people bankrupt.

Fatigue – Fatigue is unavoidable in any situation so it is best to keep in mind that it can and will lower your mental ability. Remember that in an emergency situation this is often the bodies way of escaping a difficult situation.

God has given man an instruction book that we call The Holy Bible. Inside of that ancient manuscript is our instructions for daily living. From Genesis to Revelation God, has woven his rich promises that every born again child of God, has the power to move from where you are to where ever you desire to be.

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Expect The Unexpected – Basic Wilderness Survival

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