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Tee shirts for men available in the market in so many varieties, tee shirts need not to be informal and simple. T shirts are the most typical items that can be wearing anywhere whether in parties or in daily wear.

Half tones and PMS colors: Using high resolution pictures and full tone colors can be a costly affair. Budget constraints, often call for the use of halftones. This can be achieved by sliding the color scale down to the PMS color percentage.

The first 5,000 people to register will receive a free 32″ x 41″ 3M Hand Masker Floor Gripper Anti-Slip Runner from The Home Depot. This is a great way to try this product before you buy it. If you are the first 5,000 people to register, allow 3 – 4 weeks for your sample.

If fitted shirts are not comfortable, yet you like the tailored look, you can have darts put in the back of most any shirt at a local tailor for a fairly low price. This will give your new shirt a tailored look.

Stroke expansion: Once the colors are set to the PMS swatches, the printing swatches work perfectly. This is a source of error that is often overlooked in t shirt designing.

If you don’t have the time and money, then why not find wholesale website stores. Type in the search engine and you can see different website links in just seconds. The locations of the seller’s vary; form the US, UK and even from India and China. But you can only rely on pictures to see what you want, so it is better to know first what your shirt size 40 is medium or large is before you order. But some sites are scams, so you better look for respected online wholesalers.

Pottery Barn stores hold a Book Club Story Time every Tuesday from 11-11:30 a.m. (Some local stores may have slightly different hours. Call ahead to verify times.) Children who participate receive a special book club card at the first session they attend. After five story times, they receive a special prize.

Melondot: This adorable shop focuses on felt-appliqued T-shirts and onesies. The owner does these to order, so you can specify the shirt size and the design (and sometimes the fabric design) when you order. Most of the baby shirts run about $16, while toddler shirts are more like $20. At these prices, Melondot is an extremely good deal. Custom work often costs much more than this, which makes Melondot a thrifty (and stylish) parent’s dream.

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