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Toys are a popular gift for children at Christmas, holidays and birthdays. Buying a toy that will hold a child’s attention and foster the imagination is important to gift givers. We all want the toy to be liked. Buying a classic toy is ideal for gift selection. Toys that are around for generations have stood the test of time and children love them.

Some time ago, while trying to clarify a point on a forum I moderate, I came up with a little analogy that has helped me understand better the relationship between the soul – pure, clean energy – and the ego-persona/energy field. It goes like this: imagine there is a pond and, lying at the bottom, there is a quartz crystal. This crystal has been there for quite some time and, looking at it from the edge, it appears dingy green, perhaps from pond slime.

The website recommends you call in advance to get a spot on a tour which we did. I had purchased another bear for my husband as a Valentine’s Day gift in 2003 so I was excited when we were visiting family in New Hampshire and decided to take a trip over to Burlington, Vermont. The factory itself is actually in Shelburne, Vermont which is just south of Burlington. The tours themselves are every hour on the hour, so we got there before the 1PM tour. There is a long driveway leading to the main building, and everything is labeled with signs. The buildings are bright and will catch your attention immediately, and the place looks just like a toy factory should look. I can see where this would have an appeal with kids.

Denis: Though not necessarily my favorite, the bison is probably the most impressive of my studio animals. When the seller told me over the phone that he was 8 feet long and 6 feet high, I really couldn’t grasp how big he was. I had to borrow a friends hefty truck since he wouldn’t fit in my Toyota pickup.

Visiting the Vermont mini goldendoodle breeders Companies Factory/Assembly area was probably one of the more exciting trips we have been on when visiting Vermont. It’s not action packed, but it is fun and cute. It’s one of those trips you as an adult may find interesting but your kids will absolutely love.

The process of thinking out loud with the aim of sharing, and therefore being understood by others, means that I have to put a great deal of order and clarity to the many thoughts that are, for now, colliding, whirring hard, sparking new synaptic connections inside my brain, inside my neural net, inside my mind … inside my energy field.

Once upon a time any old baby bag would do but these days a pastel bag with coloured blocks or little ducks all over it may no longer match the mother’s (or father’s) sensibilities. In response to a need, there are now some gorgeous, stylish baby bags that are a little less embarrassing to carry around in public.

Getting the right gift begins with thinking about the person you have in mind to gift. By knowing what’s out there you can better determine what you can give to someone. And, always remember that a gift means something to you and to the person you’ve chosen to share with.

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