How To Make Money Blogging For Free

SEOPressor is the latest product by Daniel Tan. It’s designed to help you with your website’s SEO. Because you are an internet marketer, you already understand just how important it is to have SEO measures for your business in place. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method by which you get a search engine’s attention so that it will send targeted traffic to your sites. Without good SEO, your website will not ever get recognized by Google and the other search engines and you won’t earn as much money.

Comments are a very important part of the equation when it comes to blogging. I enjoy receiving them but I also enjoy leaving them on the sites of my fellow bloggers. To me, comments are a way of thanking the author of the post for taking the time to share useful information about the topic at hand. In addition to that, commenting on WordPress blogs is a great way to increase web site traffic.

20.Learn the ins and outs about a large network and teach people how to use it effectively, become an expert in that field. For example, look at ebay. Even though it may be simple to use to the average Internet browser, there are still tons of people offline that has no idea about the ins or outs about it. This can be an easy way to make some extra money. Some offline services charge people a whopping sum of money just to sell their products for them on ebay, so that is something for you to think about.

WordPress bloggen has an admin panel that is very user friendly and you should be able to select themes (from a huge variety), change layout, rename categories, etc with ease. Spend some time customising your blog here, you can also add custom widgets to include further functionality.

Popular free blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger and Typepad. I personally use and recommend WordPress as they are quick and easy to use with heaps of cool hop-ups for them such as themes and plug ins to help improve search engine rank and visitor-friendlyness.

Clear out the spam. Spam are comments that are usually left by robots; although there are some services that pay people to leave spam in order to get past Captcha software. Most spam is easily recognizable. Instead of a name, they will use a keyword. The comment will be completely off topic from the article or they will leave very generic comments that don’t say anything. Most will also try to leave links to their websites in the body of the article.

However there are some drawbacks to having a blog on your website as well. A blog spells a major commitment to fresh content. The purpose of the blog is to inspire confidence in your clientele, both existing and potential. That purpose cannot be met if the blog does not get updated with quality content at regular intervals. You can set the frequency from anything like once a day to twice a week, but you need to keep getting relevant content posted on the blog.

As you may see, by making use of the viral marketing approaches, you could find new potential clients through out the web with a lot less effort and hard work. Find out of which methods are best for you and then replicate these as often as needed.

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