Make Money Without The Work: Passive Income Opportunities

The best content writer will deliver top quality SEO content which is matched to your needs perfectly. It sounds like a dream and in many cases it is. There are so many happy content writers online that offer you their services for more or less money. Just which one you should pick, can be a tricky to decide. You can always look for recommendations but keep in mind that each SEO project is unique so you want to hear comments from people in your business.

Some people fall for a common yet strange SEO Vancouver myth believing that PPC ads will help rank their site higher in the organic listings. This is absolutely not true. A lot of people believe that they can affect the ranking of their site in the SERPs by running PPC ads. What you need to keep in mind is that PPC and SERP rankings have no influence on each other. This is why wasting money on PPC assuming that your site will rank better isn’t right. You should concentrate more on adding quality content to your site and building backlinks to ensure its rank increases. You should use common sense to judge the validity of this myth.

Lifetime Support and Free Upgrades – Upgrades occur about every three months and are free forever. Very active support forum and very good video tutorials.

If you are interlinking your posts, make sure you are using the proper link text. You want the link text leading to your article to be relevant to its content. The words “here” or “site” are not very detailed. The link text basically reinforces the main topic of that page. This is commonly known as Relevance Scoring. If you exchanged links with another Blogger, tell them how they should link back to your site. Many people are unaware that the link text is even important.

The short answer is yes. In fact you will need to make sure that you can run several databases. There are many web applications that have need of a database to run. Let’s say you want to have a Blog on your site. You could download the free script from WordPress. To set it up it you need a database. There are numerous applications that necessitate databases that you should consider at least getting 5 or 6 available as a bare minimum.

The only alternative to using templates is have a squeeze page that reflects your thoughts and design ideas- those ideas that you know will work for sure. Here is another tip. Use a video. It will show a marked increase in your conversions and facilitate easy list building.

If a search engine spider crawls in your blog, what must it see as the last thing before it reports back to the search engine. This should be your blogs “bye-bye” to the spider. It is highly advised that you must provide the best highlighted thing as of this point. This is to assure that the spider remembers whatever your site is all about. It is, however, unfortunate that many of the wordpress templates make use of the footer. That was a mistake! A better idea is to use 2.0 footer combine it with H1 tags and link it to your best posts. If you do this there is better chance that these will be spidered and indexed.

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Make Money Without The Work: Passive Income Opportunities

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