Michael Clarke Duncan, Academy Award Nominee For ‘Green Mile,’ Dead At 54

I picked up Ocean Commander for the Wii the other day, thinking it might represent some reasonably mindless fun. After all, the game bills itself as a “highly stylized” side-scrolling shooter. Okay, I know that side-scrolling games have gone the way of the dinosaur, but if somebody actually made one and put it on a disc, then it must have something above average about it, right? Perhaps that was what Valcon Games thought when they decided to put this game on a disc instead of offering it on WiiWare. In fact, Ocean Commander is a game that would have been unimpressive on the Nintendo 64 ten years ago.

Multiple Hib vaccines have been licensed in the U.S. Whether the child requires three or four doses depends upon the brand. Children should receive the first dose at 2 months, a second at 4 months, and a third at 6 months. A booster shot between 12 and 15 months is necessary. A child younger than 6 weeks should not receive this vaccine.

One of the best golf tips for a beginner is to opt for used golf equipment, especially golf balls. Believe it or not, but it is the most valuable golf tip for a beginner. Reason being, that when a person is just starting out, the chances of losing a golf ball are very high. New golf balls come very expensive and the idea Academy Review of buying a new one everyday does not appeal to many people. Also, one can buy a lot of used golf balls at the price of a single new one. Buying a dozen used golf balls aids your play because one does not have to go to fetch the ball every time it is hit. This allows for more practice shots and hence better learning.

Then there are the unique to Oak Park attractions, such as our tamale lady, who comes through nightly calling out “Yo aqui tamales” She sells her hot handmade tamales for $1.00 apiece and they are delicious. We have an Indian gentleman who drives a truck and sells gut filling piping hot nachos. Great when you have two hungry teenage boys in the house. And we have.. if you can catch him, Mr. Wings. He drives a bicycle, and sells some of the best hot wings around. $3.00 nets you a bag of these spicy treats. Mr. Wings has his moods though, and on certain days delights in having hungry kids having to chase him down.

Driving the film are the outstanding performances from the cast, particularly those of Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer. Jordan is mainly known for his television appearances, but he has recently turned to film, having starred in films like “Red Tails” and “Chronicle” just last year. His performance as Oscar is a star-making turn. He comes off as such a natural performer that you sort of forget you’re watching a movie, especially with the slow, slice-of-life approach. Then there’s the amazing Octavia Spencer, recent Quit 9 To 5 Academy Review Award winner for her outstanding performance in “The Help.” She brings such an emotional power to her role as Oscar’s mother Wanda that you can’t help but feel the pain she goes through when his life is a wreck and during his final hours.

Q: Since you are going to be working with a much bigger budget for “Pirates 5,” will that present greater challenges for you or make it easier to shoot it? And will you use some of your Norwegian crew and actors?

Some of the villages that are surrounding this town include Cruden Bay, Hattons, Costa Del Boddam, St. Fergus, Rora and Inverugie. Currently, there are seven primary schools located in this town. Clerkhill is known for being the biggest out of the seven. If you are in this town and you discover that you need transportation, then you will not be lost, because there are a number of in-town as well as out-of-town services that are available. There is no longer any railway stations, because they have both been closed down. When all else fails, we recommend Peterhead, because it is a great escape.

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Michael Clarke Duncan, Academy Award Nominee For ‘Green Mile,’ Dead At 54

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