Simple Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Web designing is a strategy to make your website as well as your online business successful. Your website demands proper design to have a good SEO result. So undoubtedly it’s necessary to spend an amount of money and time for the designing of your website.

You need to hire a custom website design company that can provide you with a completely unique look. Your custom website design should include your logo, tag line, and personal contact information. When considering a custom website design company, you should mull over a few things. A good custom website design company will be able to create custom banners for your site and upload high quality pictures. The pictures used on your site should be individually owned by you, not just clip art from a software program. You also need to consider the layout of your page. It needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate. Your customers should never feel frustrated when trying to find information.

Templates for Joomla come in two different versions as well, based upon what version of the initial Joomla software that you have installed. So when choosing that right guide you will want to make sure that the version you have chosen will match the version of software that you have. It will either be 1.0.X or Joomla 1.5.

A well designed website also reflects your professionalism. Your website is representing your company so it must be designed in a way that should show that you care to your products that you sell and invest your time and money for that.

Conversion – How will you measure the success of your website? Will you use analytics software such as Google Analytics? Would you simply rely on the number of phone calls or inquiries you get from your website?

Another element of search engine friendly web design and, possibly the most important, is the layout of your site. Unwieldy navigation with dead end links on your site does not just annoy the potential customer, but it confuses search engines, as well. Confusing search engines is no way to boost your rankings, your traffic, or your sales. Use a sitemap if you need to and make sure that the hierarchy of pages makes sense. Use a Google sitemap if you have a large site, and make sure that your navigation tools are concise and specific – no creative misnomers or questionable graphics.

The last part of marketing your website that needs to be done is off site SEO. This involves getting links from other websites to point back to your website. This lets the search engines like Google and Bing know that your site is important, as each link is looked at like a vote. In addition to making your site look more important, they also provide a way for people to find your business from other websites. In other words, it is helping to make the Internet more connected. So if you are not seeing the kind of increase in business that you want to, you need an SEO company to market your site.

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