Surviving An Affair And Keeping Your Marriage Intact

Good news first – attracting a rich man is same game as attracting any other guy, they are still attracted to same qualities in women. Bad news – rich men have more options and can afford to be more picky. You need an advantage. You need a plan.

The truth is that prenuptial agreements are relevant to everyone. After all, an asset is an asset. You may not be worth millions, but you are worth something. You may even be worth more in the future. This last point is particularly important if you are young and just starting out in your career.

The money invested does not go to any business venture. Instead, you use some of it to pay back the investors as their monthly return. The rest of the money goes to fatten your wallet.

A prenup is also important if this is a second (or third) marriage for either you or your partner. Without a prenup, assets could end up in the hands of your or your spouse’s children from a previous marriage.

Make sure that you decide the terms yourself before consulting a lawyer. You both should be clear with the requirements of the agreement before you visit a lawyer. If you prepare a rough plan of what you want to be included in the temporary guardianship form, it will be more just and fair to both sides.

Still, only 5% of couples getting married for the first time and 20% of couples preparing for their second marriage write prenuptial agreements. Some couples forgo the prenup conversation because they are afraid that their partner may think that they have reservations about the stability of their relationship. There is also an urban myth that only the rich and famous need to worry about protecting their wealth, so many people skip the prenup issue because they don’t think that it applies to them.

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